Services and benefits

Members of the New South Wales Bar Association have access to the  Australian Bar Association's benefits program, which offers goods and services at prices not available to individual buyers, such as cars, health insurance, electrical goods, travel and entertainment.

Bar Library

The  Bar Library is open to practising members of the New South Wales Bar and financial members of the Bar Association.The library’s lending and research services are not available to persons who might reasonably be expected to have access to similar services in their home jurisdiction, institution or firm.


The Bar Association has reserved 15 full time places under a management agreement across three childcare centres operated by Guardian Early Learning Group, for a period of three years from November 2016. This number can be increased, subject to availability. Members who apply for a place but are not immediately granted a place will be put on a wait list.

Ethical guidance

The Bar Association conducts an ethical guidance scheme whereby barrister members of the New South Wales Bar Association can seek urgent ethical guidance from the Ethical Guidance Scheme.


We foster collegiality at the bar through The Bench & Bar Dinner, the Tutors & Readers Dinner, 15 Bobbers and other events.

Fee recovery

The Bar Association  assists members with recovery from solicitors of unpaid fees, which have been outstanding for more than three months but less than two years.

Health & Wellbeing

Practising at the bar is unquestionably stressful. The Bar Association supports the health and wellbeing of its members through a variety of services.

Information and guidance

Barristers' Classifieds is a free service for members of the Bar Association, which allows them to buy or sell chambers, wigs, gowns, law reports and more. Vendors who have not yet obtained a login and password, should contact the publications manager.

Court attire

The following is an outline of attire to be worn by barristers in the various courts, commissions and tribunals in the Federal and New South Wales jurisdictions. For information regarding the attire required for other jurisdictions, barristers are advised to contact the court in which they are appearing. There may be a small number of judicial officers who depart from the usual practice outlined. Where this is the case, whenever the judicial officer is robed, counsel should also robe. Where counsel are in doubt about whether the judge will robe or not, they or their clerk should contact the Judge’s Associate to confirm the robing arrangements.

Court structure, judges titles and seniority

The Bar Association has published a  quick guide to the federal and New South Wales court structures, how to address judges and magistrates, the use of post-nominals, the order of seniority for barristers and the admission to the roll of lawyers.

Legal costs and billing

The Bar Association publishes precedents for barristers' costs agreements and disclosures offered in response to requests for precedent costs disclosure documents and costs agreements under Part 3.2 of Legal Profession Act 2004.


The Bar Association's  publications are designed to keep members up to date with recent developments and provoke discussion and debate on important matters of law, professional conduct and the administration of justice. 

Reserved judgments delayed

If a practitioner is concerned with a delay in a reserved judgment, they can contact the Bar Association in writing requesting that inquiries be made of the court or tribunal.

Professional Standards Scheme

As a member of the Bar Association, if you have a practising certificate and approved professional indemnity insurance, your liability for damages is limited to $1.5 million by virtue of The New South Wales Bar Association's Professional Standards Scheme.