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Guide to Becoming a Barrister

The Bar Association publishes the Guide to Becoming a Barrister to assist you in taking the first steps in finding out whether the Bar is a career path for you.

Strategic Plan 2017-20

The Bar Association has released its Strategic Plan for 2017-20. It sets out our objectives for a time of disruption in the market for legal services. Learn more  here.

Media releases and briefings

The aims of the New South Wales Bar Association include promoting the administration of justice and seeking to ensure that the benefits of the administration of justice are reasonably and equally available to all members of the community.

Through  media releases and interviews the Bar Association seeks to promote and defend the essential tenets of our justice system, as well as the interests of its members, in the public arena.


The Bar Association's committees regularly advise and assist the Bar Council in the preparation of detailed submissions regarding draft legislation and current issues in the administration of justice. The expert commentaries of our committees are sought by governments and opposition political parties, as well as parliamentary committees and law reform agencies. 

Drug policy Discussion paper

The Criminal Law Committee of the New South Wales Bar Association has released a discussion paper in relation to drug law reform. The committee has concluded that prohibition has been largely ineffective at preventing the availability of prohibited drugs or in decreasing levels of use. Given the harm to individuals and society that results from prohibition, the time has come to give serious consideration to alternatives. The Bar Association hopes to stimulate discussion in relation to this extremely important issue.

Annual reports

The 2015-16 Annual Report includes highlights of the year, appointments, membership statistics and reports from various departments, committees and working parties of the Bar Association.

Archive of annual reports 1999-2016.

law council submissions

The New South Wales Bar Association is a constituent body of the Law Council of Australia. Our members serve on Law Council committees, working groups and other advisory bodies, where they assist in the preparation submissions. A list of those submissions may be obtained here.

Inbrief and bar news

The Bar Association publishes a journal, Bar News, and a daily bulletin, InBrief, to keep members up to date with recent developments and provoke discussion and debate on important matters of law, professional conduct and the administration of justice.

Special reports

Common Law Practice Updates

The Bar Association's Common Law Committee publishes its Practice Updates (CLPUs) periodically, via InBrief. The first 20 of these digests have been collated

CLPU Volume 1 (Updates 1-10)  |  CLPU Volume 2 (Updates 11-20) |  CLPU Volume 3  (Updates 21-30)  |  CLPU Volume 4  (Updates 31-40)  |  CLPU Volume 5  (Updates 41-50)